Eating as Meditation

The next time you sit down to eat try this. First, turn off the T.V. and try to minimize any distractions. As you sit in front of your plate or bowl, look at the food. Give thanks to everything on your plate, or in your bowl for supplying the nutrients to your body that provide the health, love, and energy for it to thrive. Then close your eyes and take your first bite. Take your time and chew very well, notice the flavors. See if you can identify each of the flavors you are tasting as you chew. As you are doing this have a thankful heart. Be present as you eat, fully chewing every bite. Notice as you are present while eating with a thankful heart how wonderful the food tastes. If you can do this for each meal every day, take note of your relationship with your food. Are you becoming more grateful for the food you eat every day. The food we eat each day truly is a blessing.


May you be blessed and receive everything your food is offering you!



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