Letting Go

  I think the first step along my journey was learning how to let go. Letting go from so many things; fears, past programming (about myself, the food I ate, and life in general), so many things that we are taught, that shape who we are, or who we think we are. Letting go of ideas about food was difficult at first for me. Me, my wife, and two young daughters are now raw vegan. When I was younger I struggled with my weight. I had a terrible diet, french fries, cheese burgers, chips, soda, ice cream. I believed all the “information” out there about food. You need meat for protein, milk for calcium, so on and so forth. I needed to let all that past programming go to make way for a new life, a new life style, healthy living, a rebirth in a way. Who would have thought that so much could happen from just changing what you put into your body and your relationship with food. 

  Another difficult thing for me to let go of was my old thoughts of who I was, what I thought about myself and my body. I needed to learn how to love myself for who I was, and let go of the negative though patterns. I believe that changing my eating habits really helped with that. When you eat better you begin to feel better. Not just physically but mentally as you begin to feel better about yourself and your choices.

  Water fasting is another thing that helped very much in letting go of so much. I will write another post about water fasting soon. I started slow. The first fast was a 1 day fast. Then I slowly started increasing the duration of each fast, making sure to fully rebuild and recover after each one. If you decide to do a fast, do your research. There is a lot of information out there on fasting. It did help me very much to get rid of old habits and thought patterns concerning food.

  When you start your journey of letting go, I recommend that you try to forget most of what you have been taught. Keep an open mind and try to listen to your inner voice, or intuition. Let it guide you to take your next step. We all know the truth within us, have courage and don’t doubt yourself. If you know deep within that it is the right thing for you to do, let go of any fears you may have and do your research so you will have the confidence to take your first step. Remember to just take one step at a time and not worry about the future. You are doing whatever you can right now to make it happen. Don’t let the past or future rule your present moment. Let go of past AND future, live now and make positive changes in your life knowing that there is an abundance of support for you everywhere. You CAN make it happen.

  May you be blessed with inner intuition, knowing, and the courage to take the first step on your journey to a healthy, happy, vibrant life full of love and joy and energy!


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