Kidney Stone Buster

A few years ago I had a kidney stone. It was very painful. I did some research to find something natural to help me pass it. My research led me to Chanca Piedra. It is an herb indigenous to India and Brazil. It can help to increase urine flow which will help to pass the stone. It is also good for stomach aches, constipation, and gas. You can get it in either a pill, or an herbal tea. I have links to both the tea, and the pills below. I prefer the tea over the pills, it just seems more natural. Also if you get the tea you could mix it with other herbal teas like, nettle, dandelion, or my favorite, licorice root. Try to get organic whenever possible! Here are the links for the teas and pills from Amazon.

 I really hope that this will help you to a speedy recovery!


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