A Space of Love

  Today I realized that my motivation for doing things was all backwards and upside down. I have been doing things mostly out of fear, or obligation, a feeling of “I have to do this or that.” For example, when I would go to work. I would always dread going in, Monday was always so difficult for me. I was motivated by fear. If I didn’t go in, how would I support my family? Rather than being motivated from the space of love and thinking, I am going into work because I love my family and want to support them the best I can. 

  With food I also would eat in part out of fear. If I don’t eat I will starve. I realized that I should be eating from a space of love. Eating because I love this vessel, or body I have been given. Because I want to take care of it and nourish it with the best and healthiest foods possible. Being thankful for the food. It has taught me to really pay attention to the reasons behind what I am doing, making sure that I am doing everything from A Space of Love.

May you be blessed with revelation and understanding in your life!


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